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Heart and Soul

Another day has passed. You never came and you won’t ever come. It was happy but it’s gone. That evening gossip and Lasting sensation. Hidden and moving. Same game but different levels. Moving fast, same road but different riders. Breathe telling the soul to say goodbye. Heart interfering , Hey bro listen here. Nights like

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Bad Party

Heavy and Heavy, Dance to the beat. Shouting and singing. Turn of the lights and join the flow. You and me together in a joint. Cocktail of light and dark. Let’s even bunk this party girl. Off road creator and a sheet. Setting the climate on fire. Without warning sleepy head. From kind to harsh.

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Lost and Found

Got by losing everything. Falling like a shooting star. Royal blue blood. Untouched by light. Falling dreams from the eyes. Lost the loved ones. What is it? Salty tears and bleeding heart. Awake in the heart. Leave me on my own. Heart speaking out. Which I started will be finished. Something like a touch. Alive

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You are the reason for my smile. You are the reason for my sorrow. You are the reason for my pain. You are reason for my life. The silent talks and lasting fights. Wherever you are , just stay. Love or lust? Someone is still waiting. Someone is still questioning. Awake and thinking. Texting and

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Silent love

My love for you is complete. My love for you is pure. You never speak or say anything. You came and burned me up. Just whisper those three words and I will come running. Our story is complete but silent. Whenever we meet, We never talk. Whenever I text you don’t reply. Took away my

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One cry

One voice that defines. One cry that lies. One stick that burns. One breathe that lasts. One life that matters. One soul that’s lies. One old relation that burned. One unanswered question. One face that reminds. One unknown dead fear. One washed out dream. One shot with pot. One you ,One me. One ring, One

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Unfinished Story

If you change, I’ll definitely die, The burning veins through my heart, Life feeling insane, Totally insane, Happy days seem far away, Don’t forget to breathe, As long as you survive , As long as you live, Just burn everything up. Alone with cold blood, untouched by light, Rainy ,thunder and stormy weather, My new

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